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Aliens - Review & Free Spins

Alien in 1979, Alien had premiere of cinemas around the world and it did not take long until the success was a fact. Since then, there have been several follow-up films, but also a slot with the same name from Net Entertainment. At new casinos you can usually get the best free spins deals. The Aliens Slot Machine is based primarily on the events in the second movie, Aliens - The Revival, from 1986, where the main character Ellen Ripley returns to the planet where she first met the monster.


Graphics and Theme

Something that is unique to Aliens is that some of the graphics are rendered in 3D and Aliens was actually the first slot machine that could handle this kind of graphics. Another thing that makes Aliens so unique is that the game is much more packed with bonus features than one can first imagine.


Aliens are thus one in the line of slots based on a famous movie. The theme is thus clearly crystallized - it's about horror and extra-terrestrial monsters from the famous Alien movie, and the slot machine also has graphics, sound effects and symbols instantly downloaded from the movie. But the unique thing about the Aliens Slot Machine is that Net Entertainment has created a game as much as a video slot as an action-packed adventure game. In Aliens, you are fighting against three evil levels in three levels, trying to destroy the evil creatures while you're hoping to get home some nice wins.

Mobile Gameplay

In Aliens there are three different game levels. First you start at the level called The Scratch, which is the main game. What you do then is to spin the wheels as usual and hold your thumbs for winning combinations. For each winning combination you get, you get a win, but also the Alien Activity meter located at the top of the game screen. The more profits you get home, the faster the meter is filled. You can of course play this slot with your mobile device.

Betting Options & Payout

When you start playing Aliens, you will first see a relatively long animated video where you are introduced to the game and the events that underlie the game. Thereafter you will be greeted by the slot machine, which has a classic five-wheel and three-line layout. There are 15 input lines that are fixed. Both graphics and sound effects are futuristic and are taken from the film Alien. The symbols also represent Aliens of different kinds.

Aliens Grade and Summary

There are also multipliers that make it faster to fill the meter. When all fields on the Alien Activity meter are filled, you will end up in the second level of the game called The Encounter. It's a free spins mode, where you get 10 free spin. Each free spin is based on the corresponding field in the Alien Activity meter. But you will not be sure you will play all ten free spins. There is a navy soldier who is looking behind the wheels and walks along a dark path where he meets different aliens.