Online Bingo 2019 – Best Guide to UK Online Casino

You may remember bingo as a game you played in school as a young child. The thrill of being the first to shout out ‘bingo’ is something we all remember fondly. This game is still immensely popular all over the world, and people of all ages gather together to play bingo games in halls, homes and, of course, online.

Today, people of all genders and ages play bingo online, though over 57% of online players are women. As online bingo becomes more common, more people are leaving the bingo halls and learning to play the game on their PC or mobile. If you’d like to join this trend, here is a basic bingo guide, as well as a round-up of some of the best online bingo games on the internet.

Online Bingo Rules – How to Get Started

The rules of bingo are quite simple. Bingo is a game of luck and chance, so there isn’t really much strategy behind playing the game. The most important thing to remember when playing bingo is to pay attention! If you let your focus wander and miss a number, you might make a mistake on your board. One small mistake like that could cost you your bingo winnings. So, before you sit down to play bingo, make sure you are focused and ready.

A bingo scorecard is a square or rectangle with a grid across the middle. The grid will always be five rows and five columns of squares. Each square will have a number written inside, except possibly the middle square. If the middle square is blank, this is the free point. The numbers appearing on the scorecard will be completely random and computer-generated. 

Basic Bingo Gameplay

During a game of bingo, the caller is the person (or computer) who calls out each number. Numbers are actually called as a number and letter combination. As numbers and letters are called, you should check your card to see if you have the matching number. Whenever you do, cover it with a chip.

For example, the caller may say B57. This means that you need to look for the number 57 in the B row. If you have a 57 on your card, but it is underneath the letter N, it does not count. If the 57 falls underneath the letter B, cover it with a chip.

Stay alert! The numbers are called quickly. The most important thing you can do is pay attention and not miss any numbers. This can be especially tricky in online bingo, where they often use three scorecards all at once. It is much more difficult to check all 75 boxes!

How to Win a Bingo Game Online

If you get five chips in a row - either horizontally, vertically or diagonally - you get to shout ‘bingo’! Make sure you shout ‘bingo’ after your last winning number is called. If you wait until the next number is called before you shout bingo, your call will be too late, and you will have forfeited your win.

This makes it very important that you search your scorecards quickly and call out ‘bingo’ as soon as you have five in a row. Online players will have a clear option for how to ‘shout’ bingo when they have a winning combination.

Once you shout ‘bingo’, your card will be checked for any mistakes. If you made any mistakes, your card is void, and you lose this game. If all the numbers check out, you win!

Best Online UK Bingo Games

Online bingo has become hugely popular over the last ten years. With all this increasing popularity, more and more bingo sites have opened up online. Today, bingo players have so many choices, it can be difficult to discover which is the best bingo game online.

Some online bingo games accept players from all over the world, while others limit their players to certain countries. Most online bingo games are marketed towards people from Europe, so if you live in a European country, you’re lucky! It will be easy for you to find somewhere to play bingo online. However, it is more difficult for people from the US to find online bingo games.

Start Playing Online Bingo Today!

Now you know all about playing bingo, make sure you stick around to find the best online bingo sites around. On this site you will find recommendations for where to play, and help you decide which sites offer the best deals and bonuses.

Bingo is such a popular game that, unlike other online money games, bingo sites are often dedicated only to this one game. Some of the established new online casinos also offer bingo games to customers, so if you would like to play bingo and other casino games, you may want to sign up with a casino that offers all of these. Find your ideal site and start experiencing the fun of online bingo for yourself!