Free Spins No Deposit UK 2018 – No Deposit Spins on New Casinos

Free spins on slots, much like no deposit bonuses, allow players to play for free without the need to make a cash deposit on an account, thus giving them a chance to get familiar with the game and test the waters in the first place. The best thing about free spins offers is they allow players to try out the gameplay on the slots without having to use any of their own money. While the chances of actually winning any money as a result may not be very high, this is a no-risk activity from which you could get lucky.

These are various types of free spins bonuses out there, so players really need to be attentive to the type of promotion on offer at the particular casino provider, and make sure they have familiarised themselves with the terms and conditions in order to avoid any surprises further on. Use our handy free spins guide to get you started and learn about the best free spins offers and how to find them.

35 Spins
£50 Max Bonus
200 Spins
£1200 Max Bonus
200 Spins
£600 Max Bonus
50 Spins
£100 Max Bonus
120 Spins
£1600 Max Bonus

What is a No Deposit Free Spins Bonus?

As the name suggests, no deposit free spins bonuses allow players to claim free spins on particular games, without the need of placing real cash onto their account. It is worth noting that while no deposit cash bonuses are becoming rarer, free spins bonuses remain more widespread.

Players will need to sign up in order to benefit from this offer. It is worth noting that cashing out free spins bonuses almost always requires players to meet a certain number of wagering requirements before any free spins winnings can be claimed. This means that more often than not, users may end up needing to make a deposit before cashing out.

Some casinos allow subscribers to withdraw winnings without necessarily doing so. No two casinos have the same type of requirements, and rules and regulations are subject to change due to the fast pace and ever-changing landscape of the industry, so some due diligence on behalf of the players is required. Should there be any doubts, it is recommended to do some research, check the FAQ’s of the casino provider and if necessary contact customer support.

Free Spins Deposit Bonus – How do players benefit

Unlike the free spins no deposit bonus, free spins deposit bonuses allow players to claim free spins only upon signing up and making a cash deposit in the online casino. Usually these bonuses tend to be much higher than the free spins no deposit bonus and allow players to cash out quicker. Once again, usually claiming the free spins bonuses entails meeting some wagering requirements. Players are also given the option to forfeit free spins bonuses and play for cold hard cash from the get go.

In the vast majority of cases casino providers will give players a deposit bonus as well as a certain amount of free spins upon signing up and making their first deposit. One common limitation is that the games on which players can claim the said free spins may be restricted. For example, certain casinos only offer free spins on a single slot.

The free spins will usually require a certain number of wagering requirements or have a set of play-through rules and terms and conditions attached to them. Free spins winnings can only be converted to cash after a certain number of playthroughs, and here again restrictions apply. Some casinos only allow free spins winnings to be played through on slots, whilst other restrict table games to a small proportion of the wagering requirements.

If the casino has a sportsbook, it may be possible to place bets as part of the wagering requirement, but in these cases, it’s likely that only certain odds will count. The bonuses can sometimes be claimed all at once or be limited to a certain period of time before they expire, so a certain amount of attentiveness is required when reading through the bonus terms and conditions of a particular provider.

Free Spins in the Game play – Making the Most of Free Spins

Most slot games have extra features and chances to win, and bonus rounds can be activated when particular sets of symbols land on the reels. One of the most popular features are free spins activated as a bonus within the game. In these cases, the free spins are totally free, and if you are lucky enough to hit the jackpot, the money is yours without any additional strings attached.

Free spins do not necessarily have to be awarded solely to new players. A lot of casino providers allocate free spins to their players as part of a high roller or loyalty scheme, in order to maintain a competitive edge. Often, even if not advertised on the website, casinos may have bonus codes that players can claim in order to activate the sought-after bonuses, thus users are encouraged to do some research and consult the online free spins guides in this case also, as they may come to find that they are eligible to claim frees spin bonuses that they may have otherwise overlooked.

To Use or Not to Use it – The Value of Free Spins No Deposit 2018

That said, bonuses are not for everyone, and especially for serious players, they may kill the required adrenaline that creates the allure of online casino. Even if this is not the case, sometimes the wagering requirements for certain online providers may be so high, that claiming the bonus may not make sense in the first place. Players are always given the option to forfeit the bonuses, including free spins, even if it may be unclear on the website. In such cases, it may be necessary to get in touch with the casino directly through customer care.

All in all, it would be a mistake to think that free spins are anything more than a way to get to know the games or the casino. After setting up an account, but before depositing money, a new customer can get a feel for the navigation of the site, and for how user-friendly and smooth the whole experience is. Using free spins does not obligate the player to pay money into the account. If a player uses all the free spins on offer and decides the site is not for them, they can simply close the account and look elsewhere.

For anyone lucky enough to win using free spins, it’s unlikely that any of that money will ever be fully converted to cash because of how many times the free spins winnings must be played. With all this in mind, it’s interesting to see that some new casinos are starting to change the way they offer free spins, with a promise that players will be able to keep the winnings immediately without having to play them through again and again. Should this prove to be a viable business model for casinos, it is potentially very good news for customers as the odds start to turn more in their favour. It’s certain that the draw of free spins with no strings will attract customers, and so other casinos are sure to start making the same offers in order to keep up. The way free spins are offered may well be completely different within the next year or so.