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Kings of Chicago
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Kings of Chicago - Review & Free Spins

Kings of Chicago is a new casino game that has five reels and five paylines. The game looks like a poker table with cards spread out on it. Just like a real game of poker, Kings of Chicago combines the element of a video slot with a poker game. You can play as gangsters, mobsters, and gunslingers and wins are made by combining poker cards except matching the pictures on the slots.

Kings of Chicago

Graphics and Theme

The theme of the game is displaying the old Chicago town and a poker table with cards spread out and chips, guns, cigars, cash and diamonds seen on it. There are pictures of kings and jacks dressed in three-piece suits. The queen is shown to be like ladies from the 1920's. It is the best game for people who want to role play into the kings of ancient Chicago.


Players can win three of a kind, straight, royal flush, five of a kind, full house and much more. When the players spin the reel, the cards are displayed including the King, Queen, and the Joker. Fifteen cards are played per slot.The A, K, Q, and J symbolise the gangsters, molls, cops, and bosses. Like a real poker game, a natural royal flush with no jokers is the top hand.

Mobile Gameplay

The Kings of Chicago is a continuous slot game. It is an online game by Net Entertainment and usually played in casinos. The game is played on slot machines and players have fun by winning prizes. While the game cannot be installed on a mobile phone it can be played online through some of the gaming websites.The players enjoy breathtaking graphics, seamless animations and wonderful mobile integration

Betting Options & Payout

The minimum bet at 5 win lines is 0.05 euro while maximum bet at 5 win lines is 25 euros.You can choose to play 1 to 10 bet levels; this is the number of coins you bet per win line.So, you can play a maximum of 5 x 10 = 50 coin. Scatter can win players free spins. 5x Scatters win the players up to 30 free deals.The wins with a Joker are doubled.

Kings of Chicago Grade and Summary

The slot game, Kings of Chicago is an online game by Net Entertainment. It features kings, jacks, queen, and joker. The game is an animated poker table with cards that spread out like a real live game. The players deal with the cards to win the prizes.With its beautiful theme and music the game is definitely exciting, fun and addictive. It's difficult not to be excited about Kings of Chicago.