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Alderney Gambling Control Commission - Online Gambling License

Alderney is the 3rd largest of the Channel Islands, not part of the United Kingdom nor the European Union, but still a self-governing dependency of the Crown and an unlikely hub for the online gambling industry. Established in 2000, the Alderney Gambling Control Commission, also known as AGCC, is non-political, independent and regulates eGambling on behalf of the legislature, ensuring and maintaining the integrity of all gambling-related activities.

Rules and Regulations

The Commission has become a trusted and reliable authority with approximately 2000 gambling-related websites based out of Alderney. The tiny island benefitted from being one of the white-list exceptions of the UK Gambling Act 2005 that forbids companies - not part of the Eurozone nor located in the UK or Gibraltar - to advertise their gambling services in the United Kingdom.

License Registration Process

Due to its popularity growth in the online gambling world, the Alderney Gambling Control Commission created a set of mission defining rules and strategies to encourage companies to register their businesses on the island. First and foremost, AGCC pioneers in the use of a cloud platform being the first iGaming authority to adopt such a cost-effective product, providing start-ups and well-established gambling operators the opportunity to conduct their businesses in Alderney using one of the most advanced communications structures in the Channel Islands.


Applicants for an AGCC issued an e-gaming licence, must first register themselves as an Alderney company, after which a notice of intention to obtain a licence must be provided in the Alderney Gazette. Applications for a licence must be filled and submitted online in the AGCC website along with an initial deposit of 10,000 pounds.

Casino Licenses

Being registered with the Alderney Gambling Control Commission has a lot of economic advantages like nonexistent VAT or sales taxes, with companies having the possibility to qualify for tax-exempt status. The Commission issues two distinct licence categories: category 1 licences are designed for operators looking to organise and prepare gambling operations, as well as managing players funds and have direct contractual relationships with them, whilst category 2 aims to reach operators looking to manage gambling platforms.


Businesses, however, can apply for both licences. There are also 3 types of certificates: a foreign certificate, core service associate certificate and hosting certificate. Alderney has one of the strictest gambling jurisdictions in the world, so holding an AGCC licence or certificate is always a plus for any business operating in the online gambling industry.

Responsible Gambling

The Alderney Gambling Control Commission takes gambling addiction and player issues seriously, having created procedures to identify and help anyone facing a gambling related problem. Like most gambling commissions worldwide, the AGCC partners with independent third-party organisations, like Gamecare or Gambling Therapy, to provide support for gamblers and/or families looking for guidance. Their website also provides information about therapy groups and help centers across the Channel Islands, like the Gamblers Support Group Guernsey.


Furthermore, there's also available a thorough list of questions and answers regarding safe playing issues and responsible gaming, helping to identify possible problems with operators and how to deal with them. The AGCC is a reputable organisation that takes players and operators protection seriously and effectively, providing top quality services for everyone across the gambling industry.