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It is no secret that in this day and age, the online casino industry is all the rage. That said, many of us are so busy and constantly on the go, that we don’t all have the luxury of sitting down for a spin of the reels or a hand of poker at our desktop or laptop computer. This is where mobile casinos come in. Always on the cutting edge of technology, the best casino providers either offer mobile versions of their sites for ease of access to their users or alternatively downloadable app versions that make the process of online gambling all the more accessible and easier for players on the go, wherever they may be. Neat!

The only trouble is, players are sometimes turned off by the idea of accessing their preferred online casino games through these systems for fear of lag on their mobile devices, resulting in games not updating in time or winnings being unregistered and thus lost due to perhaps a less than optimal connection. This may have been an issue in the past, but with the speed of development in the sphere of online gaming, this is in fact a non-issue in the current state of the field of online and mobile gambling.

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£50 Max Bonus
200 Spins
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Best at the Best Mobile Casinos Online

Since so many people became smartphone and tablet owners, the competitive industry has grown exponentially. Mobile optimisation and adaptation are key words in any online casino provider’s vocabulary. But how can players know which are the best mobile casinos out there, and how will they find an online mobile casino to suit their needs?

Luckily, given that the online gambling community is so widespread and ruled by a sense of community and camaraderie between both providers and players, there is a vast array of information online that players can consult when deciding on and choosing their particular mobile casino provider.

The hard and fast rule when it comes to approaching and entering into the field of online gambling in general is to do the homework and practice due diligence, before taking the leap. Granted that thrills and excitement are the name of the game, but given it is your money, which after all does not grow on trees, it would be short-sighted to just go with the first option that pops into mind.

Finding a Mobile Casino – What to Look For?

So, what should newcomers to the sphere of online and mobile casinos specifically look for in order not to be disappointed and bamboozled out of their money? First and foremost, decide what kind of games they may be after. Different casinos may specialise in different types and varieties of entertainment. It is important that players know what they may be after prior to signing up in order to avoid possible disappointments in the future. For reference players should do a quick search for whatever type of game they may be after.

Consulting player reviews on mobile casino guide sites is always a good idea, rather than taking a nosedive into the dark. With the vast array of easily accessible information out there, it would be rather foolish not to. If something looks dodgy, or there is no information about it readily available, the best policy is to contact customer service with any doubts, prior to signing up or making deposits. If you’re still not convinced that it’s legit, then the best policy is to move along and look elsewhere.

Ok, so with the basics out of the way, what makes a mobile casino stand out above the rest and a sound choice for players who wish to enjoy the fun and games that the online casino industry has to offer? As mentioned before, the field is a competitive one, thus most casino providers, whether desktop or mobile, offer various bonuses and benefits to players wishing to sign up. These most often come in the form of deposit bonuses and free spins, and are awarded to players upon subscribing or making a deposit. Given the fierce competitiveness of the industry, most providers offer attractive welcome packages to newbies ready to take the leap.

Rewards will vary from casino to casino and the way they are awarded to players will also differ. At times the same bonuses offered for desktop versions may not apply to mobile casino, and vice versa. Similarly, bonuses may sometimes only be activated after making deposits or meeting certain wagering requirements. In other cases, free spins and bonuses may only be claimed on certain games or within a certain time frame.

Advantages of Mobile Casinos vs Desktop Casinos

The most obvious advantage of mobile over desktop is the freedom it gives players. With a smartphone, you have a casino on the move, and players can log in when they’re travelling, waiting at an airport or station, or simply if they don’t want to get out of bed on a lazy Sunday morning. Additionally, some casinos offer special bonuses for mobile users, and these can be worth making a mobile account. Usually these are available via specially designed mobile apps, many of which are now available for users of Android or iOS devices.

Two areas where the functionality of mobile casinos has really improved the player experience are slots and sportsbook. Slots remain the most popular of the online casino games, and it seems like today’s smartphones could have been designed with them in mind. By turning the screen to landscape mode, the screen becomes the ideal shape to play any kind of slot. Casino providers have worked hard to make sure that there is no loss of graphics or functionality on the mobile versions.

What could be more important for sports fans than to have reliable and up to the second information about their bets, directly to their mobile phones? The widespread popularity of smartphones has been a boon to sportsbook users. Not only can they get the latest scores direct to their phones, but they can also now place live bets on ongoing events, without being chained to the spot to make sure things are going their way.

Many sportsbooks now offer a cashout option, whereby you can cash your original bet out before the final result if you feel that it is the wiser option. Mobile casinos with sportsbook have really opened up this option for players, and nobody needs to miss an opportunity any more. This aspect really improves the chances of making mobile casino winnings.

The Future of Mobile Casinos – What to Expect Next?

2017 seems to have been the year that mobile casino apps really started to take off, but there are early indications that this may be a short-lived phase. Mobile apps certainly seem like a good idea, as they offer specialised functionality and smooth gameplay, with a reduced impact on the phone’s memory. But all this may change in years to come.

Some new online casinos have deliberately not released app versions, instead concentrating on ensuring that the mobile accessible website is optimised and functions the same as the main website. As more and more people access the internet using mobile, it seems probable that many online casinos will follow suit and focus on creating a website that can be accessed just as easily whether you are visiting from your PC or your mobile device.