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We regularly update our news page with information about which games just have been released or will soon be released on the market. Usually, we provide a brief summary of the game, its manufacturers, features, graphics and game play. In addition to brand new casino games with different themes, you can also read about everything else that happens within the industry.

Tips and Tricks

In addition to news articles, we also share tips and tricks on how to improve your winning chances online. It can be strategies in roulette or what types of games you should try to avoid in order to win a lot of money. The tips and tricks section of our news page also contains explanations of some important parts of online gambling, like the wagering requirements.

Another important thing to know as a casino player is something called the RTP. It means “Return to Player” and is a number in percent. Usually all the slot machines have around 95-97%. The higher this number is, the better are your chances of actually winning money on a slot machine. These things are really important to know before you start playing. For beginners, all this information is invaluable, as it quickly gives an insight into how to play smart, safe and strategic.

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