For centuries, we have had casino players who have captured the attention of the world and marked their place in gambling history. One of these players was a Greek-American known as Archie Karas, who is now considered a legend in the gambling world. He is known for his incredible winning streaks between 1992 and 1995 when he was able to turn $50 into over $40 million. This is considered to be the largest winning streak ever documented. He went on to lose his entire fortune, but even before this winning streak, he had already won and lost millions of dollars.


Nick Dandolos, a player from Greece was mostly referred to as the king of gambling. Born in 1883 to some wealthy parents, he went to the USA as a young man and settled in Chicago, where he lived on a generous allowance from his parents. He started gambling on horse racing in Montreal. He became successful in betting on horse racing and won quite a fortune. He then went to Chicago where he lost everything while playing dice and card games. In his entire life, Dandalos went on to win and lose everything and he summarised his story as from rags to riches and again to rags.


Another great casino player was John Montagu - a British statesman who lived during the 18th century. He played a role in politics and military and was a keen gambler in his spare time. The reason why he appears in this list is not that he made it big in gambling, but because he invented the sandwich. It is said that during his many gambling sessions, he would order four meat slices placed between bread slices. His gambling buddies took note of his habit and started to make the same order. This made the snack popular and they called it a sandwich - a name that has stuck since then.


Another popular casino player was Kerry Packer, a media mogul from Australia who is also considered a legend in casino circles. Kerry was a popular businessman who was also wealthy and was the founder of the World Series Cricket. However, his gambling exploits will also remain in the annals of the casino history. He usually made large horse racing bets on top of his casino exploits. He often gambled for the highest stake available, and he had losing streaks running into millions of dollars. He did, however, also have some decent winning streaks. Unlike many other high rollers, his reputation was excellent for settling markers fast.