Odd One In is an easy and simple card game created by 1x2 Gaming. The Odd One In card game is a mix of roulette and cards. Ever wondered what a mix of both cards and roulette will be like? Odd One In gives you that experience when you play. It is not difficult to understand and it is designed with a feel of a classic table game, Odd One In gives you many ways of winning on based on a straightforward two-card deal outcome. on initially loading the game a red table for betting will be shown to you, and the options for betting displayed clearly to you.

The goal of this game is to wager on the sum of two drawn cards, which is pretty straightforward. As the name implies, all the new options for betting are completely dependant on getting odd numbers, therefore there are no options for even numbers available. The first row of the betting options offers options on big numbers, odd numbers, small numbers, and numbers together with suits. The second row has doubles like 5&7, 7&9 and so on. The last row is for the risk takers, here you can bet on just one number, this row offers the highest payout with the number 3 having a 75/1 odd.

To start playing, the primary thing you are required to do is choose your wager level from the available chips located at the down part of your screen. You can choose from 10p to a maximum of £200. Once you have chosen your bet you will then be required to choose from the rows one betting options. After doing that, two different cards will then be dealt for you and which will then be turned over, showing the overall sum. If the overall sum is similar to any one of your wagers, you have won. This game is that simple and straightforward with no hidden complications.

On Odd One In you can choose to play with luck or skill, you can choose safety or you can go for high stakes. It is totally your call. If you like roulette and also fancy something varying Odd One In will suit you very well. There is also a Return to Player (RTP) of about 97% if you are playing your cards the right way, also there are plenty of various ways to make your bet more exciting by choosing a nice color, number or suit variations. If you are in the mood for adventures, you can win high in this simple and fun new game.