No Deposit Casino Bonus UK 2018 – Play Casino with No Deposit Required

You don’t have to be a seasoned gambler to know that one of the buzzwords in the industry is no deposit bonus. We’ve all heard of deposit and welcome bonuses; but no deposit bonus? That just sounds a bit too good to be true. In fact, it almost sounds like the competitive online gambling industry may be shooting itself in the foot a little.

To the uninitiated, it may certainly seem that way, but with the industry being so competitive, casinos need to keep their edge and attract players away from the competition. No deposit bonuses are real, but it’s not quite as if the casino is giving away money for free. As we will see in this no deposit bonus guide, the offer is attractive and certainly worth your time, but the casinos are not exactly taking a big risk.

35 Spins
£50 Max Bonus
200 Spins
£1200 Max Bonus
200 Spins
£600 Max Bonus
50 Spins
£100 Max Bonus
120 Spins
£1600 Max Bonus

No Deposit Bonus Online: What’s the Story?

First and foremost, no deposit bonuses require players to actually create an account in order to be able to claim. However, simply making an account is not a commitment in itself, and as this bonus is given without need for a deposit, there’s no risk. No deposit bonuses are usually offered to customers who are creating a new account for the first time, but they are occasionally available to existing customers with a bonus code. Customers themselves will probably have to search for these bonus codes, as the casino may not promote them in the same way as they do for new customers.

Whilst the bonus codes are easy to find, and it’s definitely not a needle in a haystack kind of game, the way players can redeem them varies from site to site. In some cases the bonus is added automatically upon signing up, in others the players need to enter the code manually during the sign in process when playing a particular game. Sometimes however, players may need to contact customer support in order to be able to redeem it.

No Deposit Casino – Pro´s and Cons

Bonus cash no deposit bonuses are the unicorns of the industry, but they really are as good as they sound. Basically, players are given a small amount of real hard cash to play with upon signing up. Of course, the amounts aren’t spectacular – who could expect a casino to give away large sums of gambling money? Nevertheless, a free €5 is better than nothing, and some casinos will be giving away even more than that, sometimes as much as €20. This may seem crazy for the casino, after all, giving away money for free is not exactly what online casinos are known for. As we will see a bit further on, the casinos are covered, not that this could have been in doubt.

No deposit free spins bonuses are very similar to bonus cash bonuses, in the sense that players will get a number of free turns on a certain number of slot games. This type of no deposit bonus has become fairly popular for new customers and is far more common than a free cash bonus. Players use their spins to try out some games and see if they like the look and feel of the casino.

Free play bonuses are credits awarded to users who sign up, which must be used during a very limited time period, usually from within 30 to 60 minutes from completing the sign-up process. Much like free spins, the credits do not count as cash, but points to use in the game, from which winnings may be incurred.

The last type of no deposit bonus is the cashback bonus.

This is awarded to frequent players who sadly have not had the best stroke of luck and have been on a losing streak. It’s basically the online casino giving them that necessary competitive edge and little bit of extra motivation to stop them from being discouraged. Cashback on losses incurred is offered by many casinos, and it is usually calculated as a percentage of total losses within a certain timeframe.

No Deposit Bonuses: What’s the Catch?

We have already expressed scepticism that a casino will just give away free cash or casino spins, so of course there must be some conditions that prevent casinos from throwing their money down the drain. These conditions most often come in the form of wagering requirements. This means that any no deposit bonus winnings, be they won from the cash, credits or the free spins, must be played through a certain number of times before they can be claimed back as cash. Some of these requirements are so high that the chance of realistically ever seeing any of your no deposit bonus winnings is almost nothing.

The wagering requirements on online casino websites will vary, and the games that these bonuses can be claimed on may be restricted or only partially rewarded, so when selecting an online sportsbook or casino website, make sure that the bonus is redeemable on the game that you want to play.

This could be seen as a catch, but in fact there is no risk to the player and still a certain risk to the casino that they could lose money.

The no deposit bonus is not really intended to be a money-winner, but more of an invitation to try out the casino and see if you like it. For from expecting the casino to cough up the cash, players should think of it more like a free trial, similar to those offered by other online services. With no requirement to deposit money after the bonus has been used up, the player really hasn’t lost anything material by using the bonus, even if the wagering requirements were so high that initial winnings were lost.

The Future of the No Deposit Bonus for Online Casino

If you are lucky or clever enough to get through the wagering requirements with a profit, the casino may deduct the original value of the bonus from your winnings. This is known as a sticky bonus, and it’s another way the casino makes sure it doesn’t lose too much.

If the bonus thing doesn’t sound like it will pay off and you’d rather just sink your teeth into the game right away, giving your adrenaline a literal run for its

money, keep in mind that there is always the possibility of declining to use the bonus, although you may need to enquire about this one with customer service.

It seems likely that the nature of the bonuses offered by online casinos will change in the future. This is because they are always looking for that competitive edge, and as soon as someone comes up with a brilliant idea for a new type of bonus, this will be the next big thing in the industry. It seems likely that no deposit free spins and cashback for existing customers will continue to be popular, but with some customers starting to show impatience with wagering requirements, it’s possible that casinos will look into ways of reducing or eliminating them altogether. If casinos do find an alternative, it may be that the days of the no deposit bonus will be over sooner rather than later.