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EcoPayz - Best Payment Method

With ecoPayz you can send and receive payments without worrying about your privacy and security. To do so, you can open a free online account in minutes, but you will have to provide a few details about yourself, like name, address, country, mobile number, email, ID, date of birth and your currency. Once you have filled in the details, you will get a link in your mailbox. To activate your account, simply click that link.


The ecoPayz company was started 15 years ago and is regulated under the UK FCA - an Authorised Electronic Money Institution. Run by PSI-Pay, a UK-based firm headquartered in Horsham, West Sussex, ecoPayz is a member of Mastercard. When you set up an ecoPayz account, you don't need a bank account. The company also doesn't run credit checks on its customers. If this wasn't enough, you can also use your account to shop at millions of locations worldwide as it works with 45 different currencies. In addition, you can opt for a virtual card for greater security.

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How it Works?

You can operate 10 currency accounts simultaneously. To send and receive money, you and your partner need to have a Silver level, or higher, ecoAccount. New users can start with a free account but, later on, they need to upgrade to a Silver account. Follow these steps to transfer money:

  1. Login to your account;
  2. Go to TRANSFER FUNDS in the menu and then select INDIVIDUAL;
  3. Fill in your details regarding your currency account, and the amount that you want to send;
  4. Enter the name and account details of your beneficiary;
  5. You can also send a short message;
  6. Press CONTINUE;
  7. If all the details are correct, then press CONFIRM. Once the transaction is concluded, you will get a SUCCESS message.
  8. To withdraw money:
  9. Login and select WITHDRAW FUNDS from the menu;


Please note that you will have to add your bank account details before withdrawing money, though if you have already done that, then there is no need to repeat this process. Merchants can activate their ecoPayz Merchant Account and receive payments in 45 different currencies from around the world.

Benefits with this Method

  • Multicurrency
  • No credit checks
  • Easy set-up

Disadvantages with this Method

  • Currency fee
  • Deposit fee
  • Must upgrade to Silver account

Review and Summary

ecoPayz is a good alternative to other payment processing companies. You can start with a free account, but over a period you will have to opt for a paid account. If you keep your account inactive, then ecoPayz will charge you a small fee. Similarly, you will have to pay an extra charge if you change your currency. You can use your ecoPayz account to pay for your casino activity without paying anything extra. Furthermore, you can send and receive money from your account immediately, meaning you can avoid currency fluctuations.


However, please note that once you have sent your funds from your ecoPayz account, you can't cancel the transaction. To do that, you must contact the customer care department. This payment system uses the 256-bit encryption, which means that your transactions are always protected from hackers. To add to this, ecoPayz uses the Secure Sockets Layer and Transport Security Layer protocols for added user safety. To sum up, ecoPayz is a simple and secure way to send and receive payments locally as well as internationally.