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Neteller - Best Payment Method

A teller on the net? Yes. Secure, affordable, instant, plus much more when you use Neteller to facilitate online payments. Neteller is a British online payments company owned by the Paysafe Group, and started operations in the year 1999. Neteller does business in over 200 countries to serve millions of customers. As a customer, your Neteller account enables you to perform electronic money deposits, withdrawals and transfers as you please. You can easily sign-up on the Neteller website by providing the details stipulated. You have the convenience and flexibility to configure your account in 26 major world currencies.


The Neteller platform allows for building of client relationships that enable merchants to maximise returns. Exceptional marketing support and other programmes focus on driving repeat business. Additionally, the vast Neteller global network is appealing to new clients. Neteller is positioned as an affordable online payment solution, driving revenue by focusing on high volume of transactions at very low costs. You will notice that Neteller has invested heavily in transaction security controls in order to deter fraud.

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How it Works?

Your Neteller account is your passport to a world of online payment possibilities. With this account, play and shop online, or receive or send money in an efficient and secure environment. Deposits are easily done from your bank account using your credit or debit cards or through 40 other avenues. In order to send money using Neteller, all you need are the recipient's email address and a loaded account. The funds are sent in a matter of seconds and the recipient gets notified almost immediately.


In the same vein, money becomes instantly available to you if you are the one receiving the money. Neteller guarantees you a secure online payment system that protects you with the most current safety features. You will equally be impressed with Neteller's automatic currency converter that makes it easy to transact equivalent values across the globe. As a client, you can withdraw money from your Neteller account by a cheque, a direct bank transfer, or through the Net+ prepaid MasterCard at any ATM.

Benefits with this Method

  • Neteller offers maximum online payment security with the 2-factor authentication feature.
  • Neteller clients can enjoy the services of other Paysafe group affiliates like Skrill.
  • Neteller allows direct transfer of gambling winnings and other gaming proceeds into your account.

Disadvantages with this Method

  • Neteller does not provide online payment service to several countries.
  • Many reviews cite poor customer service and slow resolution of complaints.
  • There are hidden costs when you make a withdrawal from an ATM or point of sale gadget.

Review and Summary

For over 20 years now, Neteller has been providing individuals and business entities with a reliable platform to transact money online. Neteller enjoys considerable trust from both individual users and merchants as a provider of digital wallets and payment gateways. Privacy and security are two things that this company takes seriously as they empower you to manage your money via the internet. Neteller affords you a channel to send and receive payments in markets and industries where traditional systems will let you down.


This company offers you protection against fraud while online, by securing all transactions. The benefits to merchants include initiatives that eradicate bad debts when they use Neteller as a payment gateway. This means charge-backs and disputed transactions are eliminated. We found Neteller's identity verification protocol truly impressive in addition to their amazing database integration capabilities. As a solid provider of online payment solutions, you will agree that Neteller allows clients and merchants around the globe a truly reliable platform to capture the possibilities in the e-commerce industry.