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Novomatic - Casino Software Provider

Novomatic is a leading casino company in Europe that enjoyed an annual turnover of over 2.5 billion euros just in 2017. It allows gamblers to play their favourite land-based casino games online. Novomatic is popular for both its classic games and deluxe slot games, all of which follow strong themes. Novomatic has a lot of subsidiaries in about 50 countries, 50,000 employees and also operates casinos in over 40 countries. Initially starting as a land-based casino provider, Novomatic acquired Greentube Entertainment in order to provide its customers online access to the same land-based casino games with smooth and eye-catching graphics.

Company History

Novomatic's first steps in the gaming industry began in the 1980s in Austria with the company starting in the land-based casino business. Novomatic has over 1800 gaming operations, where you can find approximately 260,000 gaming terminals, and this does not even include rental concepts. Novomatic has enjoyed continued success with sky-rocketing revenues. With its numerous subsidiaries, Novomatic offers a complete product portfolio with products ranging from land-based games, online and mobile gaming solutions, to sports betting and lottery. Novomatic has also bought several companies to improve its services, a recent one is the purchase of the UK's largest slot gambling agency, Talarius.

Casino Games at Novomatic

Novomatic has four major game products; Slot games, Table games, Video Bingo games, and Video Poker games. The products offer various games in each section with unlimited entertainment and fun. The iconic Book of Ra Deluxe is Novomatic's most popular game, which has become a household name in some parts of Europe, especially Germany. Novomatic also offers Video Poker games with good graphics and gameplay. You can also play the roulette games with different variants including European and Vegas. While the majority of the games are classic games, Novomatic has found a way to mix innovative gameplay with classic titles that are sure to leave you reeling with excitement.

Mobile Casino Games

Novomatic games are mobile friendly. They work just as well on mobile phones and tablets. The games are just as engaging as they maintain a steady frame rate with beautiful graphics and fluid animations. They work perfectly well on iOS and Android phones. The games are even more enjoyable because of the design of the platform. NOVO Line, the company's server-based technology allows games to be delivered to your devices in an instant with zero wait times. Novomatic is the most versatile online game provider and it has extended its versatility to the give you a mobile experience you can only enjoy with Novomatic.

Novomatic Summary and Rating

Novomatic has been in existence for a long time and has continued to grow stronger with smart acquisitions of companies like Astra Games in 2004 to help with its market growth in Britain. You can never go wrong with Novomatic as they offer fun games which have a mixture of table games and themed slots with high payouts. Novomatic also offers a lot of bonuses and promotions, which help to attract customers who patronise its online casinos. They also have a lot of cash reward programmes and special features like the "gamble feature" which can see you double your winnings.