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Scratch Cards Online 2019 – Best Guide to UK Online Casino

Scratch cards are a simple, direct way to strike it rich. But did you know that it took a scientist, John Koza, to discover the game and then mass produce it for public consumption? This fact will probably make you look at the ubiquitous scratch card with a bit more respect. Here in our online scratch card guide, we will help you find the best scratch card site for you.

History of Scratch Cards Online

What we know now as scratch cards began life as promotion tickets that appeared in markets and gas stations. When people rubbed the correct spots, they would stand a chance to win a prize or two. Little did anyone know that these tickets would evolve into a game that would transform a withering industry – the state lottery.

In the 70s, lotteries centred on tickets for raffles, where prizes were announced once a week. The concept had grown weary for its audience, and this was reflected in dipping sales. The age-old lottery needed a spark – and then along came the scratch card. 

Instant Wins On Scratch Cards Online

One reason for the immense popularity of scratch cards is that they will not keep you waiting. Unlike a lucky draw or a lottery ticket, you know immediately whether you have won something or not. The instant gratification produces a high that few other games have been able to replicate. You buy a card, scratch it, and if your lucky stars are shining, then you could earn some really cool cash prizes without breaking sweat.

A second reason why people all over the world indulge in the game is that the time and money invested in the effort is minimal; especially the money. You could very well buy a one-dollar scratch card that reveals a cash prize of $10,000. There is, perhaps, no other game that can award you instant money, and a good amount of it, in a matter of seconds.

All you have to do is scratch the card. There is no special skill involved, as there would be with blackjack, nor any kind of strategy, as there is with poker. The simplicity of the entire exercise makes it an appealing choice to anyone who wishes to try their luck without having to learn any basic rules of the game. The easy availability of the cards only adds to its popularity. Go to any gas station, supermarket, retail store or even your neighborhood convenience store, and you will surely find one.

The Digital Era – How Scratch Cards Took a Step to the Next Level

The continued success of scratch cards is a result of the game’s seamless evolution from the analogue to the digital. Again, we would like to point to the simplicity of the concept that has allowed the popular form of chance and gambling to be adapted to various formats, the latest of which is the internet.

You can now simply log on to an online casino that is new, head to the scratch cards tab and play. Everything remains the same. You choose a card, pay its value and simply roll your mouse over it to reveal what you have won.

Realizing the potential of the easy game, the online sites now offer tempting offers and promotions to players. This could include casino money that you can then use to play other games, or free cards for you to try your luck on.

The advantage with online scratch cards is that you can start with lower-priced cards, see what your luck brings, and then head for the higher-priced cards. There are jackpots on offer, and an attractive payout that goes as high as 90%. The best part is that the virtual scratch cards offer winning odds that are stacked at 1:3. You are almost sure to win something.

What’s making the online variety more and more popular is the instant payout to your account. You no longer have to visit the redemption centre to collect your scratch card winnings. Playing the game and collecting your money is a breeze. 

Scratch Cards Online – Start Playing Today!

Most of us do not give scratch cards a second glance. All that we’re concerned about is whether the card contains a prize or not, or whether it has made us rich or not.

Then we toss it into the bin. ‘Scratch’ the surface, however, and you will find a complex algorithm that resides in the heart of a simple concept. If you stop to wonder how so many randomly generated cards have numbers or symbols that do not clash with each other, then you know why it took a scientist to devise the concept and execute it.

Scratch cards are a joy to play, but you need to be aware of fraudulent offers where you win a prize on a ‘free’ card, which then requires you to call a premium phone number. The cost per call is usually higher than the prize you have won.