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Virtual Reality Casino 2019 – Best Guide to VR Gambling Online

You hold the cards close to your chest, with bated breath. The dealer is about to hit you with a new card, a card that could determine whether you win or lose. Your heartbeat quickens as the hand slides the card off the deck and, in one smooth motion, places it in front of you. You let out a sigh. This was not the card you were hoping for. You fold and are about to walk away from the table when a ding alerts you.

A green icon flashes and invites you to ‘click here’ for a free prize. Tempted, you reach out for the green flashing light. The new casino then dissolves into star-lit sky where you float, free from gravity, with what looks like a space gun. A white sign then appears, encouraging you to shoot five aliens to win $1000. Welcome to the world of the VR Casino. We’re here to be your VR casino guide, to introduce you to this new and exciting world. 

The Future Is Here – VR is taking over

You may think that the scenario mentioned above is pure fantasy. The truth, however, is that virtual reality is already a part of the public consciousness, and virtual reality casinos are already open for business. In this world, the possibilities are endless. You can go from playing slots to being a cowboy in a matter of seconds.

Or you could simply waltz around the virtual halls, survey the scenery, play a few games and even chat up a few people, all from the comfort of your home. The VR headset blurs the fine distinction between reality and imagination. Here, you are the king of everything you survey; except for the wins. The house still has the edge in that area. VR casino winnings are as of now comparable to what you’d find in any ordinary casino.

The Next Step in Online Casinos – Virtual Reality Development

If there is one industry that never misses an opportunity to take the next step, it is the casino business; right from showcasing video poker machines and video slots in the 70s, to embracing the internet age of the new millennium, to virtual reality headsets. You could say that the cultural and technological zeitgeist of a generation is acutely captured by the gambling industry.

With virtual technology becoming more and more a part of our lives, especially wearable technology, enterprises have now adopted the same to offer a unique experience for the user. Imagine being able to immerse yourself in a true casino experience, where you can waltz around lavish halls, observe players hitting the highs and lows at a table, or even enjoy a drink from a rooftop bar. The possibilities are endless. 

The Missing Link for Casinos Online

VR casinos can become the ultimate bridge between bricks and mortar casinos and their online cousin. The latter does offer a virtual experience, but nowhere near as tangibly first person as our topic. With VR, you could actually be a part of a live casino experience, with other players also joining the fray.

The best example of its potential can be summed up by a poker game. You can be seated at a live table, playing a live tournament, with other players from around the world; just like in a real-world poker game. You will need the same skill sets too. Your family and friends can even join in to watch you play and compete. And this is where VR can claim one over the online medium. The loneliness and isolation can be eradicated.

The other untapped potential of virtual casinos is as a training ground for players who wish to turn professional. Honing your skills in an amateur setting will only take you to a certain level. You definitely then need to mix with the masters - think Daniel Negreanu, Phil Ivey - to become a better player.

A First Step for the Future

The sun has risen for VR casinos, but there is still some way to go before they can realise their true potential. Software development is still in the stages of trial and error. A quick glance at the reviews of such casinos will suggest that they are slowly but surely overcoming their teething problems. The best VR casino sites are still a little way off.

For instance, there was a scenario where players only saw the heads of the other people in the simulated room. Then you have the graphics which, although rendered in HD, still resemble virtual figures rather than real human beings. The good news is that the casinos are learning quickly, and so are the software developers. It won’t be long before it will be almost impossible to distinguish between a virtual environment and a real one.

There is no doubt as to where the future lies. The VR industry is set to take off in a big way, not only for casinos but for other industries as well. At this point in time, we are just about taking tentative steps towards a new reality, where virtual rules the world.